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New Patients

Currently limited to endocrine disorders. 

The front desk @ Santé will answer your questions, gather information and schedule your appointment.

We are a small speciality practice. In addition to your lengthy office visits, you'll receive ongoing care that extends beyond your usual experience of healthcare.


  • Expert naturopathic endocrinology support and treatment.
  • Bioidentical hormone replacement (BHRT) specializing in the Wiley Protocol (rhythmic replacement).
  • ​Diabetes mangement, specializing in Dr. Bernstein's low carb model.
  • Full Laboratory Testing & Imaging.

Our Services

We are in-network with many private insurance providers and can often bill out-of-network. 


​The FDA has implemented new restrictions on  compounding. If you get customized medications, speak with your provider or pharmacy today.

  • We base our success on our patients' long-term good health.  
  • We believe in personalized care based on your health concerns. 

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Integrate + Medicine

Integrative medicine is healing-oriented medicine that takes into account the whole person and all aspects of lifestyle. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and non-conventional.

If you receive estrogen creams or testosterone injectables, please inquire about possible new changes to your prescriptions.

Endocrine  News

Customized Programs 
We now offer individualized diet, exercise, anti-aging and nutritional treatment based on your genetic make up.

   To Schedule:  971.407.3066