While studying in medical school, Dr. Rebecca Provorse spent three years of special emphasis on natural women's healthcare.  During that time she developed a skill in regulating menstrual cycles with botanical formulas and acupuncture.  Her studies taught her the best in fertility optimization.   Immediately after medical school, she worked with a women's healthcare specialist learning the basics of bio-idential hormone replacement.   She then studied rhythmic hormone replacement and was the first provider in the state of Oregon to became certified in the Wiley Protocol (R).   With the demand of her female patients wanting their male partners on HRT and the desire to be more inclusive to the transgender/gender non-conforming population, Dr. Provorse opened up her practice to serve all adults.

Dr. Provorse has done many extra hours of continuing education in the areas of bio-identical hormone replacement, transgender care, thyroid disorders, diabetes, adrenal health, sleep disorders, autoimmune disease, fertility and gastroenterology.

Dr. Provorse is considered a warm and generous person by her patients.  She spends considerable time with new patients, teaching them about their health so that they may have more control over their own care.  She considers developing a good patient-doctor relationship to be fundamental in the healing process.

The following are the most common endocrine conditions she treats:

  • Menopause/POI

    -using lifestyle changes, botanicals, supplements, pharmaceuticals (including bio-idential hormone replacement (BHRT) (static and rhythmic approaches)

  • Natural fertility optimization/PCOS

​      -using lifestyle changes, botanicals, supplements, acupuncture and pharmaceuticals

  • Andropause/"Manopause"

     -using lifestyle changes, botanicals, supplements and pharmaceuticals (including bio-idential hormone replacement (BHRT) (static and rhythmic approaches)

  • Transgender/Gender Non-conforming healthcare/hormone therapy

     -providing knowledgeable and respectful primary care,  pharmaceuticals (including bio-idential hormone replacement (BHRT) (static and rhythmic approaches)

  • Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's thyroiditis
  • Hyperthyroidism/Grave's Disease
  • Diabetes in adults (Types 1, 2 and LADA) 
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Sleep/Mood Disorders
  • GI Disorders (also an endocrine system) such as UC, Crohn's, celiac, colitis, IBS, SIBO


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