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The nature of a practice that specializes in naturopathic endocrinology is such that there are many services provided that are outside of insurance reimbursements, such as: regularly ordering detailed lab work or imaging, reviewing the results of those labs/images, regularly monitoring & modification of prescriptions (pharmaceutical or therapeutic supplements) based on said labs or symptom changes, communication with other healthcare providers and communication with you, the patient.

With the limited reimbursements of commercial health insurance, many small practices are having to either transition to cash-only models or are electing to decrease the time they spend with patients in order to see more patients per day.  This typically looks like either a boutique-style, limited-access practice or a medical mill facility.

We believe our model is a third, more sustainable option:  a practice, limited in size allowing our time to be spent on creating an intimate, family-type experience with our patients.  To be a member, you pay a low, annual fee.  This allows our clinic to run under this full-care model while still being able to bill your insurance.  The membership fee is not billable to your insurance, nor is it allowed under most FSA (pre-tax) plans for reimbursement.

We remain in-network with most insurance companies and provide the billing services you would prefer not to handle yourself: determining eligibility, submitting claims, appealing denials when possible and lobbying on behalf of naturopathic coverage.

At Glow Healthcare Integrative Medicine, we believe in treating each patient with a comprehensive strategy that may involve physical examination, laboratory testing, patient education, dietary modifications, exercise recommendations, acupuncture, nutritional support, botanical or homeopathic remedies and pharmacological prescriptions.

Services Members Receive