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Our comprehensive, yet focused, test portfolio includes the Boston Heart Diagnostics HDL Map®,  Cholesterol Balance®,  Statin Induced Myopathy (SLCO1B1) Genotype, Prediabetes Assessment®,  Fatty Acid Balance™ and other advanced cardiovascular and cardiogenomics tests. 

This personalized, patient-centric report turns complex information about your heart health into easy-to-understand, actionable steps. Test results are written in terms you can understand and Dr. Provorse personally reviews (and explains) all results to her patients in extended follow-up sessions, during which a treatment plan is created with specific actions that you can take to improve test results (and, most importantly, health outcomes).

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the leading cause of death in the United States despite (or perhaps because of) being a nation of wealth and access to quality health care.  Once patients are over 50yo, the risk of having CVD is 1:2 (50%)!

While not directly an endocrine disorder, the cardiovascular system integrates with the endocrine systems (reproductive hormones, adrenal hormones, thyroid hormones and, metabolic hormones).   For that reason, Dr. Provorse has integrated into her care, the use of comprehensive diagnostic labs to help gauge a patient's risk, prevent disease and reverse/treat existing pathology.

Integrative Cardiology