In addition to running regular labs at our local service providers (Quest, Legacy, Providence, etc), the following is a

  partial list of specialty testing we utilize:

  • Advanced Cardiovascular Panels (including direct LDL, particle counts, lipoprotein a, lipid absorption studies, fatty acid analysis, inflammatory markers and genetics) through Quest Diagnostics, Boston Heart Diagnostics and Spectracell Laboratory.
  • Adrenal Circadian Rhythm Testing (via dried urine technology/DUTCH) through Precision Analytical Labs.
  • Colon Cancer Screening (fecal immunoglobulin testing/FIT) through Quest Diagnostics.
  • Gastro Intestinal Functional Testing Panels (including inflammatory markers, lactulose breath testing for SIBO, pathologic and beneficial bacterial analysis, fungal/bacterial cultures, antibodies and food sensitivities) through Quest Diagnostics, Genova Diagnostics, Cyrex, NUNM SIBO Center and US Biotek.  
  • Nutritional Analysis/Evaluation (for deficiencies /repletions and predisposition) through Spectracell Laboratory and Genetic Direction.  
  • Optimal Aging Assessment (innovative genetics-based healthy aging program) through Genetic Direction.
  • Weight Management (program based on DNA evaluation of optimal diet and exercise) though Genetic Direction.

Specialty Testing

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Speciality Lab Services

Taking a Closer Look at YOU

It is not uncommon for patients to arrive at our office having hit the wall.  The wall?   We refer to the limitations of your regular, PCP's practice model.   Examples include:  a "thyroid evaluation" of a single lab test: TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) or a 1950's era lipid panel to assess your cardiovascular health or a "calories in/calories out" approach to weight loss.  

You have discovered a door in the wall.  Step through.

We will set you up with a mobile phlebotomy service that comes to you to draw your blood.  We also offer limited in-house phlebotomy.